[FROM MIYUU SAWAI]Irreplaceable Friends" 2014.07.27 

[FROM RIKA IZUMI ]At a Sailor Guardians Meeting" 2014.07.28

[FROM AYAKA KOMATSU]The best friends ever" 2014.07.30

Episode 3 today

2014.07.28 (Mon) 17:26 [FROM STAFF]


"HERO" episode 3 will go on air at 9pm today. The photo is during a break in "HERO" filming. As was touched upon in Food Prejudice, it’s in the cafeteria "AOMI" in Bayside Studio.

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Keiko Kitagawa on バイキング 2014.07.14 

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Keiko Kitagawa and Takuya Kimura on めざまし 2014.07.14 

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BLT 2014.08 

Keiko Kitagawa on バイキング 2014.07.14 

Keiko Kitagawa and Takuya Kimura on とくダネ!2014.07.14 


A summer for the arts

2014.07.26 (Sat) 21:25 [FROM KEIKO]


The Sailor Guardians gathered often too this month.

We planned a surprise birthday party for Komacchan… and I think because it was the week following the typhoon, but work schedules just had to change, so some were unable to come. And it just had to be main guest Komacchan who couldn’t come. (笑) Those who could come as planned had dinner. It was fun, and we ended up eating too much and talking too much.


And so… another attempt!

On Komacchan’s birthday itself all five were present. Mew went ahead to set up the birthday decorations, so the place had a birthday atmosphere right away. It was a fun birthday party. Naturally I overate that day too.


With all these birthday parties we five are steadily getting older, but somehow we don’t change, so it doesn’t feel like it’s been 11 years at all.

Rika is going to turn 26 this year and I’m going to be surprised by it that day too. When I said that Rika as the youngest always seems like 20 to me…, Mew and Sawai went, “Yeah, stop having that eternal middle school image!”, which made me laugh with how true it is. I’m happy that everyone is still as cool as they were then. I hope we five continue to be together for a long time…. Well then, it’s my turn next month. I wonder who’ll plan it for me. (Don’t say that of yourself)

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