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Kitagawa Keiko   Kimura Takuya   HERO  20140721  #02  №2

Interview #02 - Asagi Chika’s actress Kitagawa Keiko-san

2014.07.18 (Fri) [FROM HERO]

Q. What did you think when you were chosen to appear in “HERO”?

Nothing but surprise. That this work called “HERO” would be produced again after 13 years was already surprising, but that I would be the heroine in it…. It’s always a surprise when you’re given the privilege to appear in a great work, but that doesn’t continue on till the recording. This time however, I kept feeling surprised till the recording started (笑) Because I stood on the studio set (the Jōsai branch) that I saw on TV, and Kuryū-san (Kimura Takuya) was there…. Checking the acting on the monitor afterwards I felt as if bewitched by a fox. I was still a middle schooler when the first series was broadcast…, so being in the middle of “that show I watched”, was something I still couldn’t believe until the first episode was recorded. Also, there are only four serial dramas in a year that are called “Monday-9”, and moreover, you don’t get many chances to be partnered with Kimura Takuya-san, right? I think that’s the standing wish of any actress. To have that come true, and in “HERO” too. I’m experiencing this “greatness” steadily during the filming.

Q. This “surprise” you feel puts pressure on you?

It’s only “fun”, you know? Only after I got asked the question, “Does it put pressure on you that the heroine of the previous work was Matsu (Takako)-san?”, in interviews and such did I first wonder, “That surely… puts pressure on me?”, but that was all (笑). I’m truly just happy I can act with Kimura-san again four years after “Moon Lovers”. I wasn’t Kimura-san’s partner at the time, so I kept thinking, “I want to be his partner some day”, so the happiness of having that dream come true was huge.

Q. This Chika you play in this one, what kind of person is she?

She sees things in black and white basically, there are no grays for her. Having a personality that cuts bamboo, she’s the type to plunge straight ahead on what she thinks. Deep emotion and kindness… she has the seriousness to see it as her duty to bestow that properly too. She has lines showing that she has no special attachment to her work as a secretary, but I guess she’d work seriously in any job.

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[FROM STAFF] 今日は2話 2014.07.21 (Mon) 

Episode 2 today

2014.07.21 (Mon) 11:09 [FROM STAFF]


It’s been a while. Without giving in to the heat, Kitagawa films energetically every day. Many people saw last week’s episode 1 of “HERO”, thank you very much.

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After this too

2014.07.14 (Mon) 18:35 [FROM STAFF]


All the live appearances on TV programs are over. Please favour her on her nonstop appearances on the programs from “Nep League” at 7pm onwards too.

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[FROM STAFF] この後も 2014.07.14 (Mon) 

Today’s outfit

2014.07.14 (Mon) 11:45 [FROM STAFF]


"Wake Up TV" and "Scoop!" are over. Next up is an appearance on "Viking".

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[FROM STAFF] 今日の衣装 2014.07.14 (Mon) 

Time of happiness.

2014.07.13 (Sun) 12:49:00 [FROM MIYUU SAWAI]


Kitagawa Keiko-chan♡ Azama Mew-chan♡

An unusual threesome, isn’t it? (´▽`)♪

Actually, all five of us wanted to gather, but alas. But we plan to get together again soon!! I don’t think it has ever been these three until now?? It was by accident, though (笑)

But still, it’s relaxing to be among guardians. I can disclose everything, right?

Maybe it’ll just keep on going, right? I loved it (*´ω`*) I enjoyed it♡ Next time it’ll be all of us!!

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[FROM MIYUU SAWAI] 幸せな時間。2014.07.13 (Sun)