[FROM AYAKA KOMATSU] Happy Birthday KEIKO! 2014.08.29 (Fri) 

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[FROM STAFF] 撮影終了!2014.08.30 

[FROM STAFF] Facebook Wall Video 2014.08.30 

Blog Translation Roundup!

Ok, I’ve been super lazy with posting Keiko’s blog entries that DB has spent so much time translating—-sorry!

But definitely take the time to visit his site. I don’t post everything that he translates (like random Facebook wall messages from Keiko, fan tweets, tv drama blog entries, etc) so you’re definitely missing out on some really good stuff. His translator notes are very helpful and he often posts supporting articles and videos. There are also links to other Keiko-related resources and a comprehensive shopping guide so take advantage and READ!  

In order from newest to oldest:

2014.08.27 Official FB: Planning

2014.08.25 [FROM STAFF] Episode 7 this evening

2014.08.23 [FROM STAFF] Much appreciated

2014.08.23 Official FB: Birthday Comment

2014.08.18 [FROM STAFF] Episode 6 this evening

2014.08.16 [FROM STAFF] Turkey

2014.08.13 [FROM KEIKO] Wēod-mōnaþ

2014.08.11 [FROM STAFF] Episode 5 today

2014.08.04 [FROM STAFF] Episode 4 today

2014.08.02 [FROM STAFF] Rather late, but


[FROM MEW AZAMA] Instagram Photo 2014.08.29 (Fri) 


[FROM ASITANE RESTAURANT] Facebook Wall 2014.08.27 (Wed) 

↳ Keiko Kitagawa was in Asitane Restaurant for a Japanese TV documentary production which will be aired in this New Year Eve in Japan. #KeikoKitagawa

[FROM STAFF] Facebook Wall Message 2014.08.27 (Wed)